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Thinkwell eZine (issue 1) What is teaching thinking?

This eZine begins to explore the idea of teaching thinking. It raises key questions and concerns about how something as complex as thinking can be described in order to make it accessible and visible for teachers, tutors and students.

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Thinkwell eZine (2) - Teaching and Learning Thinking Skills and Dispositions

This eZine looks at the utility of teaching skills without also encouraging the disposition to use them. Finally, it concludes by offering 7 key classroom strategies that will be vital to the success of any teaching thinking programme or approach.

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<Current projects include:>

Thinking Skills in the Netherlands

Working with the Ijsselgroep consultancy in the Netherlands to introduce and sustain the development of Thinking Skills approaches in the Ijssel region. Primary and secondary schools are keen to engage with their students in ways of learning that has immediate relevancy and at the same time. prepares them for life and work.


Philosophy for Children in Museum settings

We are working with the Museum of London and the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford to to explore and monitor the application of P4C in a museum setting.


Thinking for Living

How does the development independent and creative thinking help to explore faith and deepen understanding in a Christian setting?
Thinkwell is working on this question with the Church of England's Lindisfarne Diocese through a series of personal development days that examine the value of thinking tools and learning strategies in faith and life.


Creative Enquiry in museum and historical buildings

Following intensive professional development across a broad range of providers, we are continuing to work with
educators from a variety of institutions to identify opportunities for the application of Creative Enquiry approaches in their settings. Segedunum museum at Wallsend engaged Thinkwell to help in the design of its enquiry-based 'Into the Mouth of Hell' exhibition that engages visitors in an exploration of our need for energy and the dangers of providing it.


Thinking for Learning in Further Education

Following an inspection that identified Thinking for Learning as an important contributor to Elmwood College's excellent and progressing curriculum and teaching practice, we are continuing to work with their Professional Learning team to ensure that every tutor understands and practices the active learning approaches exemplified in Thinking for Learning.


co-Enquire; Enquiry Learning in Primary and Secondary schools in NE England

Thinkwell is working in partnership with Newcastle Universities Centre for Learning and Teaching (C-fLaT) and Leading Learning consultancy as  co-Enquire. Together with a network of schools and other learning organisations, we are exploring the theory and practice of enquiry learning.


Outstanding Leadership in Art and Design and Outstanding Art and Design Lessons

Along with many leading educationalists, Ofsted considers outstanding teaching to be evidenced by teachers supporting
and enhancing the independent, thoughtful learning of their students. We are developing professional development materials and workshop sessions to further the leadership and development of creative and critical thinking in primary and secondary Art and Design.


Habits of Mind, Independent Learning and a Cohesive Curriculum

We are working with Corbridge Middle School, Northumberland to build a shared understanding amongst staff and students of a set of dispositions, or habits of mind, identified as being crucial to independent learning. Opportunities for raising awareness of these dispositions  are being identified in schemes of work, and activities are being designed to develop the students self-awareness and self-management skills.
This focus on habits of mind is seen to be an important element in helping students to make sense and meaning in a curriculum that coheres around valuable skills, dispositions and knowledge.