Thinkwell eZine (2) - Teaching and Learning Thinking Skills and Dispositions

This eZine looks at the utility of teaching skills without also encouraging the disposition to use them. Finally, it concludes by offering 7 key classroom strategies that will be vital to the success of any teaching thinking programme or approach.

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Thinkwell eZine (issue 1) What is teaching thinking?

This eZine begins to explore the idea of teaching thinking. It raises key questions and concerns about how something as complex as thinking can be described in order to make it accessible and visible for teachers, tutors and students.

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Welcome to Thinkwell

Thinkwell works with schools, colleges, museums and galleries using our
Thinking for Learning approach to create powerful learning experiences for
educators and students.


Thinking for Learning

Thinking for Learning is an educational approach that succeeds in engaging learners in the development of their abilities to think and learn effectively.
It brings together all that is best in education: Assessment for Learning, Emotional Intelligence. Collaborative Learning, Teaching Thinking and Learning to Learn within a framework that provides sense, meaning and value to the learner.

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Professional learning

The professional learning we encourage is founded on sound educational research that supports the practice of:

  • Beginning professional development by understanding the needs of our clients
  • Developing tailor-made courses, workshops and staff meetings to meet particular needs
  • Promoting understanding of distributed leadership, innovative curricula and the learning process
  • Modelling pedagogical strategies in the classroom/workplace
  • Creating and developing activities and resources that encourage thinking about thinking (metacognition)
  • Helping educators to develop 'growth mindsets' and confidence in their own learning and creative abilities
  • Creating a suite of inter-related courses that lead professional learning
  • Co-designing and supporting action research
  • Facilitating learning networks and partnerships
  • Using Narrative Enquiry and Appreciative Enquiry methods to engage stakeholders at every level in leading change